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the ads are accurate. >>> government to brownies tax rate have slipped below the plus 1. 48% of likely california voters say will vote yes. 38% say they'll vote no. back in july it had 4 5-4%. it has 34% support 49% say they'll vote no. >> oakland city council member, is target of an ethics commission. an unidentified citizen says say illegally used this computer. he announced he would run at at large council seat. complaints seamed liking a sign of desperation by political opponents. >>> within a few years the entire university of california is going smoke free. ucla aknox today it'll ban all tobacco by next spring. starting april # 22, it will be prohibited. officials say they want to make ucla the nation's healthiest campus. >>> the prison has been put on medical lock down since fraud an outbreak of chickenpox. the prison has suspended visits. to the inmates with chick pots have been quarantined. >>> authorities say pinole police aired donald ray mckulla. officials say he was uncorporative and a deputy saved him he was later found unresponsive. >>> a northern california man today to
not proven any of those claims. the federal government is considering some sweeping new rules that would target online sales of dogs and puppies. under this problem, the u.s. department of agriculture would license the sale of puppies. the department says that the online sales of puppies are often accident deceptive, and -- >> as for giants fans, there are many lasting impressions from yesterday's world series celebration. what could top tony bennett? well, a t-shirt for one, that's triggering lots of talk today. >> reporter: it's a scene the bay area will not soon forget. a championship celebration. the shirt that sergiobromo wore, san francisco supervisor. i don't know sat did i understand. like romo is latino. >> i've been discriminated against. i think sergio has as well, people feel that we could be from mexico. and that we're undocumented or illegal. >> reporter: the. >> we're definitely, very, very proud of romo because he stood for -- on documented. >> reporter: the senator's director compared the director to another politically iconic sports moment. held up their fists in a blac
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2